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Look up the selection of Basic Indicators for your Municipality

Data novelties

Access the most recent statistics published by the municipalities of the Basque Country

Municipal data bank

Access to municipal data bank’s data


It is a tool that gives you access to statistical data hosted on Eustat servers with the help of GIS tools, provided that the data is georeferenced at address level. The aim is to provide statistical information to those who need very detailed local information.

Interactive pyramids

Interactive pyramids are an instrument which shows variation in the resident population in the Basque Country.

Interactive maps

The interactive maps provide a spatial visualisation of the statistical data. Via the municipal data series, the development of demographic phenomena, the weight of the various economic sectors and the differences in income that occur in the Basque Country can be observed.


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Kalegis, Map and Street Map

Look up the list of updated codes for municipalities, entities, districts and sections in addition to the records that correspond to every street numbering section. You can also display these features on the map using Kalegis

Population by district, census section and population entity

Look up population data by district, section and population entity from the most recent 2011 Census.

Classifications of census sections

Types of census sections in the Basque Country. They are groups of the administrative sections of our territory in a series of homogenous types with their corresponding description.


UDALMAP is an integrated provincial data system that is based on the municipalities of the Basque Country, and its objective is to provide a public service and to improve people's grasp of the socio-economic reality in these municipalities.

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