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Microdata files

  • The microdata files contain information about the records in the EUSTAT surveys. These duly protected and anonymous files provide added value to the statistics user, by allow him or use to use and analyse the data that the standard dissemination in the form of tables, publications and reports cannot tackle.
  • This section contains the list of standard microdata files that are available in EUSTAT for those users that lodge a request using the relevant request form. The links included here contain a report with the description of the relevant file, variables and classifications used, together with the quality and confidentiality quality applied when generating the files:
  • Other microdata files can be created through the bespoke requests service providing they comply with the suitability requirements. Similarly, there is also a Data Access service in Eustat centres for Researchers that can be requested under the established conditions.




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N.B. Even though guidelines are provided regarding the accuracy and correct use of microdata files, EUSTAT is not liable for the statistics conclusions and representativity from the use of this data format by the user.

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