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EUSTAT disposes of a technical service which is available to carry out on request monographic studies or statistical research for the Public Administration or private parties, companies or bodies: different kinds of surveys (demographic, economic, social, etc.), sectorial studies, etc.

For such requests, EUSTAT disposes of the following information on the Basque Country:

  • Municipal register and population census
  • Housing Directory
  • Directories of companies of all kinds (industrial, commercial, services, etc.)
  • Directories of Educational Centres, Health Centres, Social Services, etc.
  • Directory de Public Administrations
  • Geographic Information System (GIS)
  • Etc.

Based on this information, EUSTAT offers you:

  • The most suitable, efficient and economic sampling to carry out a reliable and quality research
  • Coverage of a wide range of fields and economic, demographic and social sectors
  • Fulfillment of the the objectives set by clients
  • Guarantee of data confidentiality and secret statistical information

In order to carry out this type of study or research it is necessary to sign a contract between the requester and EUSTAT, where the period of execution and the an estimate of costs are indicated, governed by Article 4 of the current price order.

For further information:

  • Tfno: 945 017515 - International: +34-945 017515
  • Fax : 945 017501 - International: +34-945 017501
  • e-mail: eskaerak@eustat.eus

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