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On this page you will find the links to download the additional software required to view certain information available on the EUSTAT web site.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Free software that enables documents to be read and printed in the portable format Adobe (pdf)

PC AXIS 2008

Free software developed by the Swedish Statistics Institute that enables large quantities of statistical data to be described and used. With Pc-Axis it is possible to organize tables, set up local statistics databases, export tables to a wide variety of formats (Excel, dbase, html, etc.) and design graphics. Pc-Axis is used to visualize the publications that EUSTAT disseminates in CD-ROM and the files included in the Data Bank that can be downloaded without charge. The installation, which is compatible with Windows 95/98/ME/NT/ 2000/XP, associates this programme to the Pc-Axis files (extension .px). This version, available from EUSTAT, enables a choice of language: Basque, Spanish or English.

NOTE: The installation procedure in Spanish. Simply accept the default options.


Free Software developed by the Norwegian Statistics Institute that enables statistics to be presented by means of thematic maps. Px-Map is developed to work perfectly integrated with Pc-Axis. It is compatible with Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP, it is necessary to previously install Pc-Axis 2005.

NOTE: The installation procedure is in English. Simply accept the default options. Once the procedure is finished, it is necessary to install the templates of maps of the Basque Country (available from the same page) if the Pc-Axis files with which you are working permit the use of maps.


Once Px-Map is installed it is possible to install the help files and the menus in the Basque or Spanish language so that the user can work in the language of his or her choice.

NOTE: The installation procedure in English. Simply accept the default options.

Basque Country map templates

Once Px-Map has been installed it is possible to install the templates of Basque Country maps in order to visualize those Pc-Axis files downloaded from our Data Bank which include the use of maps. These templates correspond to maps of the Provinces, Regions, and Municipalities of the Basque Country.

Px-web uses files in ESRI-Shape format. Thus, users of GIS programmes compatible with this format are able to use these templates.

NOTE: The installation procedure in English. Simply accept the default options.


Adobe Acrobat

Acrobat Reader

PC Axis 2008

Program for processing statistics



Program for thematic maps



(Euskera) (Spanish)


Basque Country map templates


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