The first official statistical publication in the Autonomous Communityy of Euskadi was published in 1982. Since that date, right up to today, the publishing work of the Euskal Estatistika Erakundea-Instituto Vasco de Estadística (EUSTAT) has undergone an outstanding and continuous process of improvement. As such, the aim of the catalogues of statistical publications to date has been to offer a systematic collection of all the publications presented.

The catalogue of products and services, corresponding to the year 2003, aims to offer users a wider and more useful view of the EUSTAT statistical production. Not only standard products are included, but also (by request from our users) a large amount of data, which due to their characteristics are not included in our publications, and are broadcasted on the web, and services the Institute itself provides for society.

This catalogue is divided into nine sections that organize and include the different products. The main features of each product are presented: periodicity, year of publication, sales price, broadcasting way and a brief comment on the content.

EUSTAT would like to thank you for any comments and observations you may wish to forward to us that might help to make this publishing and dissemination work a lively, useful service tool.


Vitoria-Gasteiz, September 2003


Josu Iradi Arrieta

Director General.


  1. Introduction
  2. General information
  3. Censuses
  4. Demographic and social statistics
  5. Economic statistics
  6. Internatioinal Statistics Seminar in Euskadi
  7. Technical Notebooks
  8. Codes
  9. Booklets
  10. Electronic products
  11. Price list

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