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12/04/2018Statistical (12/04/2018)

Building and housing statistics (EDYVI)

12/03/2018Statistical (12/03/2018)

El sector fundacional y el asociacionismo de utilidad pública en la C.A. de Euskadi

11/29/2018Statistical (11/29/2018)

School activity statistics

11/27/2018Statistical (11/27/2018)

11/27/2018Data Bank. Historical series. IGSC (11/27/2018)

Survey on real estate supply

11/26/2018Statistical (11/26/2018)

Survey on tourist establishments (ETR)

11/23/2018 (11/23/2018)

11/23/2018Statistical (11/23/2018)

11/23/2018Data Bank. Historical series. SIS-Administration (11/23/2018)

Statistics on Scientific Research and Technological Development Activities+R+D

11/22/2018Expenditure on R&D in the Basque Country grew by 5.6% in 2017, the largest increase since 2010 (11/22/2018)

Statistics on scientific research and technological development activities-R&D

11/22/2018Statistical (11/22/2018)

11/22/2018Graphs (11/22/2018)

International Statistical Seminar

11/19/2018 (11/19/2018)

Consumer price index

11/14/2018Statistical (11/14/2018)

Statistics of e-Public Services - ESPE

11/14/2018Statistical (11/14/2018)

Hospital statistics

11/14/2018Data Bank. Historical series (11/14/2018)


11/14/2018/estadisticas/tema_17/opt_0/tipo_4/temas.html (11/14/2018)

11/14/2018Data Bank. Historical series. (11/14/2018)

Budget execution statistics

11/09/2018Statistical (11/09/2018)

Service statistics

10/31/2018Statistical (10/31/2018)

Statistics on the quality of water masses

10/30/2018Statistical (10/30/2018)

Budgets of the Basque language

10/25/2018Statistical (10/25/2018)


03/08/2018Reports (03/08/2018)

The Basque Country in the EU-28

The Basque Country in the EU-28

The Basque Country in the EU-28


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