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Consumer price index

02/15/2019Statistical (02/15/2019)

Financing and public expenditure on culture

02/15/2019Statistical (02/15/2019)


02/05/2019Statistical (02/05/2019)

E-administration barometer

01/31/2019Statistical (01/31/2019)

Budget Execution

01/29/2019Statistical (01/29/2019)

Statistics on waste from electrical and electronic equipment declaration

01/28/2019Statistical (01/28/2019)

Equity accounts of non-financial companies

01/28/2019Statistical (01/28/2019)

01/28/2019Data Bank. Historical series. EANFC (01/28/2019)

Population in relation to activity (PRA)

01/18/2019 (01/18/2019)

01/18/2019Statistical (01/18/2019)

01/18/2019Interactive graphs (01/18/2019)

01/18/2019Data Bank. Historical series. PRA (01/18/2019)

Information Society scene

01/17/2019Reports (01/17/2019)

Health survey

01/15/2019Statistical (01/15/2019)

Statistics on Flow of Materials

01/11/2019Statistical (01/11/2019)

The Basque Country in the EU-28

The Basque Country in the EU-28

The Basque Country in the EU-28


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