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This includes the personnel actually working on 31.XII of the year in question and not the job positions which feature in the staff list. The following are not included:

  • Staff taking extended leave of absence.

  • Provincial administrative staff of the I.S.M., and Osakidetza (Basque Health Service)

  • Medical inspectors of the I.S.M. and Osakidetza.

  • Substitute staff who have worked less than nine months.

    Generally speaking some Osakidetza medical specialists are on duty for less than thirty hours a week. Staff who work in more than one centre are included in each centre where they are on duty for less than 30 hours

    Total Personnel: This is the sum of the doctors, other medical and non-medical staff.

    Doctors: Doctors are classified according to their official specialisation currently recognised by Osakidetza and the Official College of Doctors.

    Other Doctors: This includes M.I.R. in training in extra-hospital and allergy centres.

    Other Healthcare Staff: A.T.S./D.E., Matrons, Physiotherapists, A.T.S. Area nurse, Clinic Auxiliary, Psychologists, Social Assistants and others (Pharmacists, Technicians, Radiology Specialists (TER), Laboratory Technician Specialists (TEL), etc.) .

    Non-Healthcare Staff: Higher qualification, Middle Qualification, Administrative, Auxiliary Administrative, Porters, Subordinates (including telephonists) and others.

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