Open data. Statistics of the Basque Country

Objectives of Open data Euskadi

  • The generation of value and wealth
  • The creation of products derived from these data by companies, infomediaries and citizens in general

  • Transparency in Public Administration
  • Allowing the data made available to be reused for analysing and evaluating public sector management

  • Interoperability between administrations
  • Facilitating the creation of services for citizens who use data from various public bodies.

  • Internal organisation of the Administration's information
  • Promoting efficiency in the documentation and classification of data.

Legal framework

Open statistical data

Follow this link to access the section of statistical data of

Open data. Statistics of the Basque Country

Open Data Euskadi is the result of the Basque Government's commitment to set out all of the public information it has available in a reusable format, in order that third parties may create services derived from this data. As a consequence, the datasets are made available under open licences that allow them to be redistributed, reused and exploited for commercial purposes. The Basque Government is committed to an effective openness for the public data it has available, where public data are those not subject to privacy, security or property restrictions.

Eustat has inevitably participated in this initiative by making all of its statistical tables accessible from the Open data portal of

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