The content published on euskadi.eus has the following levels of access:

  • Public content:

    Content for public access, viewed in the same way by all users.

  • Personalised content for anonymous users:

    Content which is personalised for registered users, without requiring their authenticated identification. This is to say, registration of anonymous users enables access to personalised content according to their own stated choices and preferences.

    This utility will be developed shortly and content will be gradually incorporated into it.

  • Restricted content for identified users:

    Content that requires authenticated identification of users.

    Initially, each area of restricted access content published on euskadi.eus has its own access control.

    Common identification for the Portal will subsequently be developed, into which the content and services requiring user identification will gradually be incorporated, so that via a single identification all the various restricted access content appearing on euskadi.eus can be accessed.

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