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Descripción del tema
Descripción del tema

The Environmental Taxes Account provides, in a manner compatible with the data provided within the framework of the ESA (European System of National and Regional Accounts), data relating to income from environmental taxes in the Basque Country according to economic activity, analysing the origin and participation of economic agents in environmental taxes.

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Last update > 01/23/2018

CORES (Spanish Corporation for Strategic Reserves of Oil Products) resource (01/22/2018)01/22/2018
Current taxes on income, patrimony, etc. (D.5)  (03/17/2006)03/17/2006
Dumping control fees (01/22/2018)01/22/2018
Energy Saving and Efficiency Plan Surcharge (01/22/2018)01/22/2018
Environmental taxes (01/22/2018)01/22/2018
Fees for dumping land waste in the sea (01/22/2018)01/22/2018
Fees for utilising continental waters for electricity production (01/22/2018)01/22/2018
Fees for utilising public domain water assets (occupation fee) (01/22/2018)01/22/2018
Greenhouse gas emission rights (01/22/2018)01/22/2018
Hunting and fishing permits (01/22/2018)01/22/2018
Mineral oil taxes (01/22/2018)01/22/2018
Mining surface area fees (01/22/2018)01/22/2018
Special tax on certain modes of transport (01/22/2018)01/22/2018
Special tax on coal (01/22/2018)01/22/2018
Special tax on electricity (01/22/2018)01/22/2018
Surface area fees (extraction of hydrocarbons) (01/22/2018)01/22/2018
Tax on fluorinated greenhouse gases (01/22/2018)01/22/2018
Tax on mechanical traction vehicles (01/22/2018)01/22/2018
Tax on retail sales of certain hydrocarbons (01/22/2018)01/22/2018
Tax on sumptuary expenses (01/22/2018)01/22/2018
Tax on the production of spent nuclear fuel and radioactive waste resulting from the generation of nucleo-electric power (01/22/2018)01/22/2018
Tax on the storage of spent nuclear fuel and radioactive waste in centralised installations (01/22/2018)01/22/2018
Tax on the value of electricity production (01/22/2018)01/22/2018
Taxes (01/22/2018)01/22/2018
Taxes on Production and Imports (D2)
Taxes on capital (D.91)  (03/17/2006)03/17/2006
Water fees (01/22/2018)01/22/2018
More statistical products
More statistical products
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Operation data
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Departamento de Medio Ambiente, Planificación Territorial y Vivienda

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