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Descripción del tema
Descripción del tema

The Accounts of Basque Administrations operation calculates the economic activity of the institutional units classified within the sector, such as General Administration of the Basque Government, the Provincial Councils with their Autonomous Bodies and public companies classified as public administration, all the associated municipalities in the Autonomous Community in addition to infra and supra-municipal Bodies. The consolidated total of these categories forms the Economic accounts of the Basque Administrations.

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Account for the adjusted use of available income (II.4.2) (03/17/2006)03/17/2006
Acquisitions minus non-finance non-produced asset transfers (K.2) (03/17/2006)03/17/2006
Aid to investment (D.92)  (03/17/2006)03/17/2006
Assigned social contributions (D.612) (03/17/2006)03/17/2006
Capital transfers (D.9) (03/17/2006)03/17/2006
Changes in inventories (P52)
Consumption of fixed capital
Current international cooperation (D.74)  (03/17/2006)03/17/2006
Current taxes on income, patrimony, etc. (D.5)  (03/17/2006)03/17/2006
Current transfers between public administration (D.73)  (03/17/2006)03/17/2006
Different current transfers (D.75) (03/17/2006)03/17/2006
Direct social benefits from employers (D.623) (03/17/2006)03/17/2006
Effective final consumption (P.4) (03/17/2006)03/17/2006
Effective social contributions (D.611) (03/17/2006)03/17/2006
Employee Remuneration (D1)
Expenditure on final consumption (P.3)  (03/17/2006)03/17/2006
Gross fixed capital formation (P51)
Intermediate Consumption (P2)
Market production (P.11) (03/17/2006)03/17/2006
Non financial asset acquisition account (III.1.2) (03/17/2006)03/17/2006
Operating Account (II.1.1)
Other capital transfers (D.99)  (07/31/2060)07/31/2060
Other non-market production (P.13) (03/17/2006)03/17/2006
Other subsidies on Production (D.39.)
Other tax on Production (D29)
Output (P1)
Primary income assignation account (II.1.2) (03/17/2006)03/17/2006
Production Account (C.1.)
Production for final own use (P.12) (03/17/2006)03/17/2006
Property income (D.4) (03/17/2006)03/17/2006
Public Administration (S.13) (03/17/2006)03/17/2006
Redistribution of income in kind account (II.3) (03/17/2006)03/17/2006
Resources (03/17/2006)03/17/2006
Secondary income distribution account (II.2) (03/17/2006)03/17/2006
Social benefits in kind (D.631) (03/17/2006)03/17/2006
Social benefits of private systems with constitution of reserves (D.622) (03/17/2006)03/17/2006
Social benefits other than social transfers in kind (D.62) (03/17/2006)03/17/2006
Social care benefits in cash (D.624) (03/17/2006)03/17/2006
Social security benefits in cash (D.621) (03/17/2006)03/17/2006
Social transfers in kind (D.63) (03/17/2006)03/17/2006
Subsidies (D.3)
Subsidies on Products (D.31.)
Taxes on Production and Imports (D2)
Taxes on capital (D.91)  (03/17/2006)03/17/2006
Transfers of non-market individual goods and services (D.632) (03/17/2006)03/17/2006
Use of available income account (II.4.1) (03/17/2006)03/17/2006
Use of income account (II.4) (03/17/2006)03/17/2006
Uses (03/17/2006)03/17/2006
Variation in net patrimony account due to saving and capital transfers (III.1.1) (03/17/2006)03/17/2006

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