Difusión estadística mediante GIS. C.A. de Euskadi


LurData is a new service offered by Eustat which can be used to access statistical data containing a great deal of provincial detail about the population, housing and establishments of economic activity. Its unique feature is that the user can decide which geographical area they would like to find out about.

This new way of disseminating statistical data is based on the use of the Basque Government's Geographical Data System, known as GeoEuskadi.This system allows you to sketch any provincial units on the map, or you can use it to locate geographical layers on the system. These could be population entities, census sections and so on.

LurData also contains a series of geographical layers of equipment and services, with the aim of providing comprehensive statistical information on the provision of services – hospitality and catering, commercial, educational, cultural, social and healthcare; placing it in relation to the population, and situating it in its precise location within the territory, as well as keeping it updated on a yearly basis.

LurData strictly adheres to statistical confidentiality and it protects the confidentiality of the participant units. To this end, data that refers to very small buildings or containing very small establishments of activity is deleted from each search.

For a proper use of LurData, update your browser to the latest available version. Preferebly Chrome or Edge

To access LurData click HERE (Spanish/Basque only

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