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Press Release 21/03/2018


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In January 2018 exports of goods from the Basque Country grew by 16.3% and imports were up by 9.7%

The Motor vehicles and accessories, Iron and Steel and Oil Refining sectors led Basque exports

In January 2018 there was a rise in exports of goods from the Basque Country of 16.3% in year-on-year terms, according to EUSTAT data. They totalled 2,064 million euros compared to 1,775 million in the same month of the previous year. Exports of energy goods registered an increase of 19.2% and exports of non-energy goods saw an increase of 16.0%.

Álava is the province that registered the greatest increase for total exports with 25.9%, the same rate as was registered for exports of non-energy products. In Gipuzkoa exports as a whole were up 11.9%, whilst non-energy exports increased by 12.1%. In both provinces energy exports had minimal relevance.

In Bizkaia there was a year-on-year increase in exports of 12.2%, due to the 19.9% rise in energy exports and the 9.5% increase in non-energy exports. Energy exports accounted for 27.6% of the total exported.

Evolution of the foreign trade of the Basque Country. Thousands of euros. January 2018
Source: Eustat. Foreign trade statistics (ECOMEX)

Imports of goods from the Basque Country, for their part, experienced a rise of 9.7%, reaching the figure of 1,746 million euros. Energy imports increased by 2.2%, and non-energy imports by 14.0%.

Once again, Álava is the province that registered the highest total increase, with 33.5%. In Gipuzkoa import totals rose by 7.0%. There was a year-on-year increase of 4.0% in Bizkaia, with a 6.5% increase for non-energy imports and a 2.1% increase for energy imports. This province absorbed nearly all energy imports to the Basque Country representing, in addition, 55.8% of the total value of imports to Bizkaia.

By branches of activity and in relation to exports, of particular relevance this month, were the increases in goods related to the five largest branches. The highest volume of exports (29.5% of the total) was products relating to Manufacture of motor vehicles, which saw 43.1% growth. In second place (10.9% of the total) were Iron and Steel products, which rose by 23.9% and coming third (8.9% of the total) was Coke Plants & Oil Refining, which was up 48.7%. Also standing out were the increases in General use machinery (8.4% of the total) and Metal Products (8.3% of the total), which were up 9.4% and 23.3%, respectively.

In more detail, included amongst the main export duty sections were: Passenger cars with between 5 and 10 seats, Goods transport vehicles, Vehicle parts and accessories and Petroleum oils; these sections accounted for 36.2% of the total in January 2018, with an overall value of 747.6 million euros.

Analysing imports by activity branch it can be observed that the eleven largest branches all registered increases. Of particular note is the growth in products related to the Extraction industries and petroleum (32.0% of the total), which was in first place in the ranking, with an increase of 7.9%.

The three countries that had the greatest positive contribution to the year-on-year rate of variation in Basque Country exports in January 2018 were Germany, with 341.9 million euros and an increase of 29.1%, followed by France with 297.6 million euros and in third place the United States with 163.4 million euros and a rise of 67.6%.

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Product data
Product data

In January 2018 exports of goods from the Basque Country grew by 16.3% and imports were up by 9.7%

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