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In 2014 expenditure per inhabitant on education stood at 1,548 euros in the Basque Country

Total expenditure was 3,363 million, or 5.0% of GDP

Expenditure on education per inhabitant in the Basque Country was 1,548 euros in 2014, which was 0.9% more than two years previously according to Eustat data. As a percentage of the GDP, this figure accounted for 5.0% of wealth created, and this percentage remained constant with regards to data from 2012.

Total expenditure on education reached 3,363 million euros in 2014, which was 0.6% more than two years previously. Of this expenditure, 3,230 million euros corresponded to current expenditure (96%), and 133 million euros corresponded to investment (4%). With regards to 2012, current expenditure increased by 2.4%, whilst investment decreased by 30.0%.

Table 1: Total Expenditure on Education. Basque Country. 2001-2014 (p) (thousands of euros and %)
Source: Eustat. Education account

The Education Account for the Basque Country details expenditure for all educational activities - regulated and non-regulated - that have been carried out in educational institutions and in any type of centre or business.

The analysis of the 2012 data - the year for which more disaggregated data is available - shows us that 79.5% of total expenditure on education stemmed from public financing, with 20.5% coming from private financing.

Table 2: Source of direct financing. 2012 (%)
Source: Eustat. Education account

In terms of classifying this expenditure by function, educational and training services accounted for 82.9% of total expenditure, whereas additional activities (transport, canteen, residence etc.) accounted for 8.2% of total expenditure at 273 million euros. Current expenditure is rounded off with shipments of books and school material, general administration of the educational system and research and educational innovation, which accounted for 1.4%, 1.0% and 0.8% respectively. Gross capital formation made up 5.7% of the total.

Table 3: Total expenditure on Education by function. Basque Country. 2012 (thousands of euros and %)
Source: Eustat. Education account

Total expenditure per pupil in educational institutions for all levels of primary and tertiary education came to 10,907 ($) PPP in the Basque Country in 2012, which put it above Spain (9,040), on par with the average for the OECD (10,220), the European Union (10,361) and countries such as France (10,450), though below other countries such as Germany (11,363) and Finland (11,030). By level of education, the expenditure of the Basque Country per pupil for Primary Education, Secondary Education and Post-Secondary Education was 9,862 ($) PPP, and the expenditure per pupil for Tertiary Education remained the same at 15,386 ($) PPP. Expenditure for all levels of education was higher than the averages for Spain, the OECD and the European Union.

Graph 1: Annual expenditure per pupil in educational institutions (2012). ($) PPA
Source: Eustat. Education account and OECD. Education at a Glance. 2015 (Indicator B1.2)

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Product data

In 2014 expenditure per inhabitant on education stood at 1,548 euros in the Basque Country

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