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Press Release 22/08/2013


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Overnight stays of visitors in hotel establishments in the Basque Country were down by 1.5% in July

Visitors to the Basque Country fell by 1.3% and Gipuzkoa was the only province to report a positive figure in this sense, registering an increase of 3.3%.

Overnight stays registered in hotel establishments of the Basque Country in July 2013 stood at 519,309, which represents a drop of 1.5% on those registered in July 2012, according to data prepared by EUSTAT, that is, there were 8,162 fewer overnight stays. Overnight stays have registered a year-on-year negative evolution in the provinces of Álava and Bizkaia, with falls of 7.2% and 5.7%, respectively, whilst Gipuzkoa reported an increase of 5.4% in comparison with July of last year.

Moreover, there were 260,235 visitors registered in the hotel establishments of the Basque Country in July 2013, 3,301 down on the same month of the previous year, which represents a decrease of 1.3%. Visitor numbers fell by 7.4% in Álava and 2.8% in Bizkaia, but in Gipuzkoa they increased by 3.3%.


The number of foreign visitors fell by 2.5% in comparison with the month of July in 2012, whilst the number of Spanish visitors has remained more or less the same (-0.2%). Álava saw a decrease in visitor numbers from abroad, down 11.9%, and Spanish visitors, down 4.7%, compared to the same month in the previous year. In Bizkaia foreign and national visitors also fell: visitors from abroad reported a drop of 3.4% and Spanish visitors fell by 2.4%. In contrast, Gipuzkoa reported positive results, with increases in the number of foreign visitors, up 1.4%, and national visitors, up 5.3%.

The average length of stay stood at 2.00 days and changes little with respect to that of the previous year. In Álava average stays remain at 1.88 days; whilst in Bizkaia they fell from 1.97 days in July 2012 to 1.91 days this July and in Gipuzkoa they rose from 2.09 to 2.14 days.

There was a reduction in the bed occupancy rate for the Basque Country overall, going from 59.5% in July 2012 to 57.8% in July this year. Both Álava and Bizkaia registered lower levels of occupancy in the month of July, whilst occupancy rose in Gipuzkoa. The largest drop was in Bizkaia, 3.8 points down, going from 58.2% to 54.4%; Álava saw a fall of 0.8 percentage points, going from 51.6% in July 2012 to 50.8% this July and in Gipuzkoa there was an occupancy rate of 65.1% compared to the 64.9% obtained the previous year, which indicates that it was 0.2 points higher than in 2012.

The highest hotel occupancy rate in July was recorded in Donostia/San Sebastián (77%), followed by the coast of Gipuzkoa (70.6%), then Bilbao (58.8%) and the coast of Bizkaia (55.1%).


Taking into account the day of the week, at weekends there was a higher occupancy in the Basque Country as a whole in July 2013, with 67.7% of occupied places, with the registered occupancy standing at 54.4% on weekdays.

The number of personnel employed in hotel establishments in the Basque Country in July 2013 increased by 3.1% in comparison with July 2012, and stood at 4,329.

Overnight stays in rural accommodation decreased by 11.0% in July and the occupancy rate stood at 34.2%

Rural tourism establishments and country cottages in the Basque Country recorded a total of 44,876 overnight stays in July, which was a drop of 11.0% with regards to the same month of the previous year. At provincial level, Bizkaia recorded a drop of 19.3%, whereas Álava and Gipuzkoa experienced less severe falls, 11.7% and 6.5%, respectively.

The bed occupancy rate, 34.2%, also experienced a downturn of 4.4 percentage points in relation to July 2012. The fall experienced in Gipuzkoa was 4.1 percentage points, with the occupancy rate in July standing at 43.4%. Bizkaia also recorded a decrease of 6.4 percentage points, with a bed occupancy rate of 31.0%. In Álava the occupancy rate stood at 18.0%, representing a decrease of two points and six tenths compared to July 2012.

There were 15,241 visitors to rural tourism establishments in the Basque Country in July, 8.0% down on the same month of the previous year. By province, they were down by 0.7% in Álava, Bizkaia reported a drop of 20.2% and visitor numbers to Gipuzkoa fell by 3.1%.

The 2,932 visitors originating from abroad signified a decrease of 8.9% with regards to those received a year ago and represented 19.2% of the total number of visitors. For its part, the number of visitors from within Spain dropped by 7.8%.

Lastly, the average length of stay per visitor was slightly down, going from 3.04 days a year ago to 2.94 days in July 2013.


Note: The Statistics on Tourist Establishments from June on are gathered in accordance with a methodology that has meant large changes in all stages of the operation, and which allows better desegregations of results, both geographical and temporal. Furthermore, the framework of reference has been updated, incorporating units that were previously not collected. This has meant the recalculating of the entire reference series from January 2011, from when comparable data has been available. Eustat will soon proceed to link the homogenous series.

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Product data

Overnight stays of visitors in hotel establishments in the Basque Country were down by 1.5% in July

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