Press Release 12/26/2012


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The year-on-year rate of export unit prices rose by 2% in the third quarter of 2012

In the case of imports, there was a price rise of 2.2%.

In the third quarter of 2012 the unit prices of both imports and exports of the Basque Country, measured as Unit Value Indices and year-on-year rates, rose according to Eustat data. This rise was more marked for imports (2.2%) than for exports (2%).

If we compare this third quarter to the previous one, it can be observed that the rise in the unit prices of imports (2.6%) was also slightly greater than that for exports (1.7%).


If we stop to look at the analysis of the classification by economic destination, it should be pointed out that the only goods to register decreases in their year-on-year rates both in terms of exports and imports were Capital goods, -0.5% for the first category and -2.5% for the second.

Amongst exports, Intermediate goods grew by 2.8% and Consumer goods did so by 1.4%. For imports, the increase in Intermediate Goods stood at 2.6% and that for Consumer Goods was 0.2%

If we examine the geographical areas to which our goods are exported, we can show that the export unit prices for this third quarter, compared to the same quarter of last year, were higher in all areas. The greatest rises were registered in the prices of exports destined for the EU-27 (2.1%) and the Rest of the World (2.3%). In goods destined for the OECD this rise was 1.9% whilst exports to the Euro Zone registered the lowest growth, 1.6%.

In the case of imports, special mention should be made of the increase in prices of those originating from the Rest of the World, 4.9%. From the rest of the geographic areas there were lower percentages; those from the OCDE grew by 0.6% and those from the Euro Zone rose by 0.1%, with prices of imports originating from the EU-27 even registering a drop of 1.4%.


With regards to the previous quarter, the export rates registered positive values, with very similar increases in all areas: Euro Zone (1.6%), EU-27 (1.5%), OECD (1.7%) and the Rest of the World (1.8%).

If we take into account imports with regards to the previous period, we can see that the Rest of the World, with a rate of 3.2%, is the zone that most increased its prices, followed by the OECD (2.1%), the EU-27 (1.7%) and the Euro Zone with 1.4%.


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Product data

The year-on-year rate of export unit prices rose by 2% in the third quarter of 2012

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