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In 2010 expenditure per inhabitant on social services stood at 1000 euros in the Basque Country

In 2010 social services expenditure in the Basque Country stood at 2,176 million euros, up 2.5% on the previous year, according to Eustat data. This expenditure represented 3.3% of Basque GDP and average spending per inhabitant was 1,001 euros, 2.9% up on the previous year, 751 euros of which came from public funds.

By province, spending rose by 2.2% in Álava, by 2.1% in Bizkaia and by 3.4% in Gipuzkoa. In per-capita terms, Álava, with an average of 1,066 euros per inhabitant, remained ahead of the 1,004 euros of Bizkaia and the 966 of Gipuzkoa.

Evolution of the expenditure per inhabitant on Social Services

The contribution from the different public administrations came to 1,633 million euros, which represented 75% of expenditure, whilst the remaining 25% came from the private sector. One out of every five euros spent was financed by user contributions and other sales. From this total, senior citizens who used residential care homes and day centres provided 221 million in payments, a figure that represented 42% of current expenditure in these centres.

The sector directly employed 4.3% of working women

In 2010, 330 new jobs were generated in social services overall, directly employing 26,220 individuals (2.8% of individuals in work), of which 70% were women (4,3% of women in work). This figure did not include personnel subcontracted in direct care and home help, whose hours of dedication equated to more than 6,500 individuals in full-time work. Furthermore, the collaboration of voluntary personnel, who worked selflessly in social services, stood at 21,035 individuals in 2010 and represented an effort equivalent to 1,726 full-time jobs.

Evolution of the main variables

Amongst the diversity of the social services, the services for the population as a whole and for the elderly stand out as the areas to which the greatest amount of resources were dedicated, as between the two they represented 70% of expenditure.

Amongst resources destined towards the population as a whole, due to their amounts and evolution, payments to families made by public bodies, specifically the economic allowances of Guaranteed Basic Income (RGI) under which the regional income supplement is included, with 314 million euros (+18%), and Emergency Social Provisions (AES) with 62 million (+23%) , under which current Housing Benefit is included, which in 2010 represented 67% of combined expenditure.

These benefits, related to the fight against poverty, are financed almost completely by the autonomous Administration and managed in collaboration with regional and municipal administrations. As a whole in 2010 they represented an expenditure of 179 euros per inhabitant of the Basque Country, with instances in Bizkaia being particularly noteworthy, where they stood at 237 euros per inhabitant, a figure higher than the 173 euros in Álava and the 88 euros in Gipuzkoa.

The economic provisions of the Dependency Law (Economic provisions for care in the family sphere, Economic provisions for personal assistance and Benefits aiding personal autonomy) represented an expenditure of 103 million euros (+8%).

With regards to care for the elderly, in 2010 there were 19,873 residential places, meaning a coverage of 9.7 places per 100 senior citizens aged 75 and over. The public administration offered 34% of these places through publicly-funded centres and a similar percentage (31%) was provided via arrangements with private institutions.

In day centres for the elderly, the number of places offered stood at 3,828. The public administration offered 89% of these places directly (67%) or via arrangements with the private network.


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Product data

In 2010 expenditure per inhabitant on social services stood at 1000 euros in the Basque Country

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