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Press Release 02/09/2009


Exports from the Basque Country fell by 35.9% in the second quarter of 2009

Imports were down by 47% over the same period.

Exports from the Basque Country totalled 3,667.3 million euros in the second quarter of 2009, which was down 35.9% on the same quarter in 2008, which posted 5,717.6 million euros in exports, according to EUSTAT data.

Imports stood at 3,013.2 million euros for the same period, which was a greater decrease, down 47% on the second quarter of 2008.

Quarterly evolutions of exports and imports followed different patterns in the three provinces of the Basque Country. Exports in the second quarter fell by 30% in Gipuzkoa, 36.7% in Bizkaia and were down by 41.6% in Álava. The main reason for the decrease in Gipuzkoa was the drop in exports of Metal and Manufactured and Electrical Material. The greatest falls in exports from Bizkaia were due to Mineral Products and also to Metals and Manufactured. In the case of Álava, decreases in exports were seen in Transport Material and also in Metals and Manufactured.

As regards imports, the decreases were more marked: they fell by 49.1% in Álava, 48.7% in Bizkaia and 39.3% in Gipuzkoa. In Álava, this was down to Transport Material, to Mineral Products in Bizkaia and to Metals and Manufactured in the case of Gipuzkoa.

Balance for the first half of 2009

In the first six months, exports fell by 31.4% and imports by 44.4%

In the first half of 2009, exports from the Basque Country stood at 7,196.5 million euros, 31.4% down on the first six months of 2008. On the other hand, imports totalled 5,982.5 million euros, having decreased by 44.4%.

Total transactions (exports + imports) for the first six months of the year came to 13,179 million, compared to the figure of 21,242.6 million for the first six months of 2008, which is to say 38% less a year previously


The foreign trade balance for the first six months was a surplus, with a positive trade balance of 1,214 million, compared to the 263 million deficit of a year earlier. As for the non-energy foreign balance, it grew by 5.6%, up to 2,716 million. The coverage rate of exports in relation to imports went from 97.6% last year to 120.3% this year. he coverage of non-energy products increased 140.5% from the first six months of 2008 to 169.4% in this first half of 2009.

Exports headed for the European Union-27 registered a 39.2% decrease, with those going to France down by 34.5% and those to Germany registering a drop of 38%, with these two main commercial customers of the Basque Country accounting for 51.3% of exports to the European Union. This half year was noted for a greater or lesser decrease in exports to the European Union. Sales to the United States also fell (-32%). Imports from the European Union decreased in value by 45.6%, with those coming from Germany down by 52.4%, those from France by 47.2%, from the United Kingdom by 46.8% and those from Italy by 31.2%. However, imports from the United States increased by 1%. The trade balance with the European Union worsened mainly due to the difference in the foreign trade balance with France, Italy, Belgium and Portugal.

The duty tariff groups that boosted the growth in total exports were: Metals and Manufactured (-37.7%), Transport Material (-35.4%), Electrical Material (-24.3%) and Mineral Products (-45.3%). As regards imports, purchases made overseas mainly involved the following duty tariff groups: imports of Metals and Manufactured (-59.1%) and Transport Material (-53.2%) fell. Imports of Mineral Products (-46.%) and Electrical Material (-26%) also fell.

Exports from Álava registered the greatest decrease in this half year, with a year-on-year rate of -38.5%.; those from Bizkaia occupied an intermediate position in the ranking of the provinces (-33.8%) and Gipuzkoa performed rather more modestly and its exports fell by -22.2%. Imports to Gipuzkoa registered the smallest decrease (-36.4%), those to Álava fell by 50.6% and Bizkaia was again in an intermediary position and its imports were down by 45.1% over the half year.


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Exports from the Basque Country fell by 35.9% in the second quarter of 2009

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