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UNIVERSITY STATISTICS 2007/08 Academic year

Nearly half of university students enrolled for social sciences and law degrees

There were more women in all fields, except for technical subjects

During the 2007-08 academic year, there were 65,101 students enrolled at the universities of the Basque Country, 47% of whom were studying law and social sciences, according to Eustat data. With respect to the previous year, the total number of enrolments were down by 2%, which is in line with the trend over the last 13 years.

In terms of distribution by province, the number of students in Bizkaia studying at university accounted for 55% of the total enrolments, with 31% in Gipuzkoa and, finally, 14% in Álava.

55% of the total number students enrolled were women, which was a similar percentage to the previous academic year. In terms of ownership of the centres, 78% of the students attended public centres.

Students enrolled by cycle and branch of studies. 2007-2008 Academic Year


Successfully completing the second cycle leads to a honours degree, a degree in Engineering and Architecture.

Successfully completing the first cycle leads to a three-year degree, a degree in Technical Engineering and Quantity Surveying.

Students studying for a LRU official doctorate and the new official post-graduate programmes (Masters and Doctorates)

Source: EUSTAT

Men opt for more technical training

From the point of view of the branch in which the official studies are grouped, 30,790 students studied Law and Social Sciences during this academic year, which represented 47% of the total enrolments. In second place, 20,346 students (31%) opted for Technical Studies, while 6,109 enrolled in Humanities (9%). Finally, there were 3,888 and 3,372 students who opted to study health and experimental sciences, representing 6% and 5% in each branch, respectively.

There were significantly more women than men in practically all the branches, with an average of 63% in law and social sciences, experimental sciences and humanities. There were significantly more women studying health sciences and the number continued to increase and eight out of ten students enrolled were women. The exception was in the technical sciences that continued to attract more women, as only 30% of women were enrolled in them.

Honours degrees and three-year degrees were the qualifications with the highest percentage of graduates.

In 2007, 12,489 students completed their university studies. 58% of them were women.

By type of study, 4,175 graduated with one of the honours degrees offered by the different universities, representing 39% of the total. This was followed by 3,066 people graduating with three-year degrees (29%) and, finally, 1,703 and 1,681 students, respectively, finished either architecture and engineering (technical or superior), and accounted for 16% of the graduates.

As far as post-graduates were concerned, 1,561 students finished the third cycle or certificate of research proficiency, which qualifies them to continue on to a doctorate, 313 finished one of the official masters which have begun to be taught in our community and 303 students completed their PhDs.

Graduates by type of study and sex. 2007


Source: EUSTAT

The highest number of students graduated in the following subjects: Teacher Training (1,366), Industrial Technical Engineering (874), Business Administration (790), Business Studies (596) and Industrial Engineering (44/). There were some differences when only the women were taken into account: Teacher Training remained in first place (1,072), followed by Business Administration (487), Business Studies (353), Nursing (308) and Psychology (270).

The university academic staff increased by 5.4%

7,628 people worked at the universities of the Basque Country during the 2007-08 academic year, 5% up on the previous year. 3,449, i.e. 45%, were women.

The academic staff totalled 5,592 people, which was up 5.4% on the previous year. Four out of every ten lecturers were women. As far as the non-teaching staff was concerned, there was a total of 2,036 people employed during the academic year in question.

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Nearly half of university students enrolled for social sciences and law degrees

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