Press release 23/12/2005


Industrial prices fell by 0.4% in November 2005

The inter-annual rise (November 2005 in relation to November 2004) in industrial prices came to 3.7%

Industrial prices in the A.C. of the Basque Country registered a 0.4% fall in November 2005, according to EUSTAT data. These figures put growth of the inter-annual rate for November, covering the variation of industrial prices over the last twelve months, at 3.7%. The rise for the first eleven months of the year was 4.2%, compared to December 2004.

A more detailed analysis by sectors clearly shows that the most inflationary branches in November 2005 were “Electric energy, gas and water” (7.3%), “Leather and footwear industry” (0.9%), “Food industry” (0.6%) and “Other manufactured” (0.3%), among others. Conversely, the sectors that experienced price falls were “Oil refining” (-6.8%), “Metal and non-metal minerals” (-0.5%), “Electric material” (-0.4%), “Textiles and clothing” (-0.2%) and “Transport material” (-0.1%).

Over the inter-annual period, November 2005 in relation to November 2004, the highest price rises occurred in the branches of “Oil refining” (21.0%), “Metal and non-metal minerals” (7.6%), “Electric energy, gas and water” (7.2%), “Other manufactured” (3,9%) and “Textiles and clothing” (3.4%). On the other hand, less growth was seen in the prices corresponding to the sectors ”Transport material” (0.2%), “Paper, printing and graphic arts” (0.2%), “Timber industry” (0.7%), and “Electric material” (1.0%).

Following the classification of Goods according to economic destination, the price evolution of the major sectorial groups in November varied greatly: Energy experienced a decrease (-3.0%), whereas monthly prices of Capital Goods and Intermediate Goods remained steady (0.0%) and Consumer Goods as a whole increased by 0.3%, as a consequence of the increase experienced by Consumer Durables (0.2%) and Consumer Non-Durables (0.4%).

The price evolution of these major groups of Goods showed marked differences in the inter-annual period, although in each case a positive one. Prices corresponding to Energy increased by 16.6%, Intermediate Goods rose 2.0%, Capital Goods went up by 1.6% and Consumer Goods increased by 2.0%. For the latter, prices of Consumer Durables increased by 2.1% and those of Consumer Non-Durables did so by 1.8%.

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Industrial prices fell by 0.4% in November 2005

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