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Foreign trade of Gipuzkoa by quarter according to blow (thousands of euros) (p). 2019/II

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 Totalt/t-4At / A(t-4)Totalt/t-4At / A(t-4)Totalt/t-4At / A(t-4)
2017 (p)          
III Quarter1.723.1766,53,2921.64618,911,6801.530-5,0-4,6
IV Quarter1.863.8727,64,3965.60510,111,2898.2664,9-2,3
2018 (p)          
I Quarter1.856.6487,97,9977.5965,85,8879.05210,310,3
II Quarter1.867.809-0,13,71.069.09015,410,6798.719-15,3-3,6
III Quarter1.874.2768,85,4947.7832,88,0926.49315,62,5
IV Quarter2.042.1109,66,51.100.74914,09,6941.3604,83,1
2019 (p)          
I Quarter2.073.73911,711,71.125.22715,115,1948.5127,97,9
II Quarter2.352.07125,918,81.130.6005,810,21.221.47152,929,3
2017 (p)7.177.233--3.737.182--3.440.051--
2018 (p)7.640.8426,56,54.095.2189,69,63.545.6243,13,1

(p)Provisional data

t / t-4 Year-on-year variation rate of the last quarter observed (t) with regards to the same quarter of the previous year (t-4)

At / A(t-4) = Year-on-year variation rate in the accumulated period from the 1st quarter to the last quarter observed (At) with regards to the same accumulated period in the previous year (A(t-4))

Date August 21, 2019

Source: Eustat. Foreign trade statistics (ECOMEX)

Product data
Product data

Foreign trade of Gipuzkoa by quarter according to blow (thousands of euros) (p). 2019/II

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Foreign trade statistics (ECOMEX)
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