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Press Release 10/07/2019


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The use of social networks for business purposes (51.6%) It stands out among key digital technologies in the companies of the Basque country in 2019

More than half of companies with 10 or more employees had free software in 2019

Of the nine indicators analysed with regards to the digital transformation of companies - Industry 4.0 - Social Networks stood out, with 51.6% of establishments in the Basque Country using them for business purposes in 2019, according to Eustat data. This figure rose to 66% in the case of establishments with 10 or more employees.

This was followed by Mobile Services with 26.1%, that is, services used in applications related to company activity and production processes.

Cloud Computing came third, with 20.3% of establishments paying for this service in order to access company information or services, through an internet connection from any mobile or fixed device in any location.

With percentages of between 10 and 20% were the following: Cyber Security Activities, with 18.5%, and Big Data Analysis, with 12.0%. Finally, with percentages below 10% were Internet of Things (IoT) with 9.8%, Artificial Intelligence with 3.0%, 3D printers with 2.7%, and Robotics with 2.6%.

In the case of establishments with 10 or more employees the percentages were higher, but the order of most-used digital technologies was also different: Social Networks stayed in first place and reached 66.0% of establishments of this size, followed by Cyber Security Activities in second place, with 42.8%. Cloud Computer Services and Mobile Services were both above 30%, with 36.3% and 35.4%, respectively. Big Data Analysis was also used in 22.1% of establishments.


In 2019 Basque companies continued to improve their use of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) equipment as well as the percentage of their employees using this technology. Currently, 92.9% of establishments have a computer, an increase of 0.5 percentage points on the previous year. Establishments with email access make up 89.9% of the total, an increase of 0.3 percentage points, and 91.6% have access to the Internet, a figure that has grown by 1.6 points. As for mobile phones, these are still the most widespread item of ICT equipment, being used in 93.4% of Basque businesses, although, in this case, they have decreased by 0.8 percentage points with regards to the previous year.


Furthermore, over half of companies, 54.6%, have a website, a rise of 1.5 percentage points compared to the previous year. This figure rises to 59.6% if only companies with an Internet connection are taken into account.

These equipment percentages were higher in establishments with 10 or more employees. However, despite their extensive use - 99.6% with a computer, 99.1% with e-mail, 99.2% with internet access, 96.3% with a mobile phone and 92.3% with a website - their growth rate is much more limited than in small businesses.

On the other hand, among the computer security measures used by companies, updated software (76.4%), secure passwords (74.3%) and external backups (58.6%) all stood out. In the case of companies with 10 or more employees, these percentages were higher, being situated at around 90%.

Furthermore, 38.0% of Basque companies had free software in 2019, such as Internet browsers, office programs, free or open operating systems (Linux..), etc. In companies with 10 or more employees this percentage increases to 53.1%.

Regarding the percentage of personnel using this technology, the figures obtained were very similar to those from the previous year. Thus, 71.2% of employed people use a computer, 66.9% have e-mail and 66.7% have access to the Internet.

11% of people employed in Basque companies specialise in ICT systems, and the percentage of ICT users reached 73.1%

If we analyse the personnel of Basque companies, we find that 11% of employed people are specialists in ICT (Information & Communication Technology) and that the percentage of people using this technology reaches 73.1% of the total. Additionally, a third of the total personnel (32.7%) have a remote connection via a portable device for professional use. Finally, on average, 3.9% of employees work off company premises for at least a third of the working day on a regular basis, using telematic networks to connect to the company’s ICT systems, and can therefore be considered remote workers.

Unlike in equipment, the size of the establishment made no significant difference to the percentage of employees using ICT.


Connections via fibre optics continue to increase, overtaking ADSL once again

Basque companies with Internet access currently stand at 91.6% of the total, after those connected rose by 1.6 percentage points the previous year.

In these companies with internet access, connections via mobile phone, 88.6%, and fibre optic connections (Cable, FTTH etc.), 71.0%, were the most common ways of accessing the Internet, having increased by 0.1 and 5.4 percentage points, respectively, over the last year. Fibre optics continued its growth trend and saw the greatest increase, maintaining its position above access via ADSL.

94.5% of companies with internet access had fixed connections, be they via ADSL, Cable or Other connections, whereas 89.6% of connected companies had mobile connections, via mobile phones (Smartphone, PDA, …) or laptop computer (Tablet, netbook, etc).

In companies with 10 or more employees, 99.3% have access to the Internet. The main method of internet access in these companies is via mobile connections, 88.0%, which registered no change in its percentage, and fibre optic connections (Cable, FTTH...), 78.9%, which posted an increase of 2.5 points. Following these, in mobile connections, were access via laptop computers, 71.4%, and, in fixed connections, ADSL lines, 67.1%, given that their use has dropped 2.5 and 3.1 points, respectively, in the last year.


54.6% of Basque companies, 92.3% in those with 10 or more employees, had an online presence via a website

Companies are increasingly aware of the importance of maintaining a presence on the Internet via a website. Hence, over the last year, those that have a web presence accounts for 54.6% of the total, following an increase of 1.5 percentage points, whilst in companies with 10 or more employees, this figure stands at 92.3%, up 0.3 percentage points.

These websites provide general information on the company, a catalogue of products and services offered, a data privacy statement, job offers and after-sale services, amongst other options.

Regarding languages that they can be accessed in, Spanish particularly stands out, available in 98.9% of cases; Basque was available in 42.0% of cases; English, 30.8% and other languages, 12.7%.

Internet access in Basque companies with 10 or more employees was higher than the European Union 28 average in 2018 and online presence was much higher, 91% compared to the EU-28 average of 77%

At an international level, and for a perfect comparability with the EU-28, as well as employing the data of companies with 10 or more employees and the activities that Eurostat gathers (the financial sector, public administration, etc. are not taken into account), information from the year prior to the one currently being published must be used, i.e. from 2018, where Basque companies obtained Internet access percentages (99%) higher than the European Union 28 average (97%), as well as having a greater percentage of businesses with Internet presence, 91% in the Basque Country in 2018, compared with the EU-28 average of 77%.


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Eustat - Euskal Estatistika Erakundea / Basque Statistics Institute C/ Donostia-San Sebastián, 1 01010 Vitoria-Gasteiz Press Service: servicioprensa@eustat.es Tel: 945 01 75 62

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Product data

The use of social networks for business purposes (51.6%) It stands out among key digital technologies in the companies of the Basque country in 2019

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