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Press release 12/07/2005


Per capita GDP of the Euroregion exceeds the European Union-25 average by 9%

Its 2,814 municipalities are home to over 5.6 million inhabitants and the services sector generates more than 65% of its GDP

Eustat recently published Euroregion in figures 2005, bringing together a series of socio-demographic and economic indicators from the three regions that make up the Euroregion: the Region of Aquitaine, the Autonomous Community of the Basque County and the Autonomous Community of Navarre. This third edition sets out to update and complete the figures that appeared in the previous volumes, in 1997 and 2000. This edition is 20 pages long and has been published in Basque, Spanish and French, with graphs and tables in colour.

This initiative forms part of the cross-border co-operation programme, overseen by European Union guidelines and recommendations. The gradual disappearance of rigid state borders opens up possibilities to shape and organise new areas of collaboration between geographically and/or culturally neighbouring communities.

Among the most notable aspects of this edition are as follows:

The Euroregion has a surface area of 58,938 square kilometres, accounting for 1.5% of the whole territory of the European Union (25) and has 5,626,911 inhabitants, distributed among 2,814 municipalities. The marked difference between the three regions of the Euroregion as regards population density underlines the differences in regional surface area and population. The A.C. of the Basque Country, which occupies only 12.3% of the Euroregion, has a population density of 288 inhabitants per square kilometre; the Region of Aquitaine, which covers 70.1% of the territory of the Euroregion, has 72 inhabitants per square kilometre and the A.C. of Navarre 55 inhabitants per square kilometre, although it represents 17.6% of the territory of the Euroregion.

The population structure of the Euroregion is slightly older than the European Union average. Within the Euroregion, the Region of Aquitaine holds the highest percentage of children aged under 15 and over 65. The A.C. of Navarre is in an intermediate position at both ends of the population pyramid and the A.C. of the Basque Country has the smallest percentage of youngsters and also the smallest proportion of people aged over 65.

The employment rates of the Euroregion are lower than those of the European Union, especially in the case of women, whose employment rate is almost 2.5 points lower. However, the unemployment rate is slightly higher in the European Union than the Euroregion, 9.1% compared to 8.8%.

The GDP per inhabitant of the Euroregion is 23,081 (PPS), higher than the European Union-25 average, which is 21,175, in purchasing power parity. The same index stands at 24,790 in the A.C. of Navarre, 24,766 in the A.C. of the Basque Country and 21,568 in Aquitaine (all in purchasing power parity terms).

Agriculture has a greater relative weight in Aquitaine (5.7% of total GVA) and in the A.C. of Navarre (4.6%). In the European Union its contribution is 2.2% and 1.5% in the A.C. of the Basque Country.

As regards the presence of industry in the total economy, the A.C. of the Basque Country (33.5% of total GDP) and the A.C. of Navarre (34.1%) have a more established industrial identity than the Region of Aquitaine (17.1%), and even more than the European Union itself (22.6%).

Conversely, Services generated over two-thirds of GDP in the Region of Aquitaine (71.8%), exceeding the European Union average (69.7%). In this area, the economy of the A.C. of the Basque Country and the A.C. of Navarre is less tertiary, with Services contributing 57.9% of total GDP in the A.C. of the Basque Country and 53.5% in the A.C. of Navarre.

There are 10 airports and 4 ports in the Euroregion. In addition, there are 497 private cars per thousand inhabitants when this figure is 460 private cars per thousand inhabitants in the European Union (25).


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Per capita GDP of the Euroregion exceeds the European Union-25 average by 9%

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