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Press Release 24/09/2019


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Births were down 4.3% in the first quarter of 2019 in the Basque Country

The percentage of mothers with foreign nationality increased by 3.5 points, to stand at 27.3%

In the first quarter of 2019 the number of births in the Basque Country stood at 3,710, which was a drop of 4.3% compared to the same quarter of the previous year, according to Eustat data. The number of births fell in the three provinces but to different degrees: in Álava they were down by 6.5%, in Bizkaia, 4.5% and in Gipuzkoa, 2.9%. Specifically, in Álava 635 girls and boys were born, 1,815 were born in Bizkaia and 1,260 in Gipuzkoa.

In the distribution of births according to the age of the mother, the group of mothers aged 30-34 moved into first position, producing 34.4% of births. Next, was the group aged 35-39, producing 33.7% of births, and then the group aged 25-29, although the latter only produced 13.6% of births.

With regards to the same quarter of 2018, the number of women who became mothers aged 40 or over rose, going from 396 in 2018 to 421 in 2019. The births from these women made up 11.3% of the total (10.2% in 2018), exceeding the 6.9% of births by mothers younger than 25.

Births outside marriage accounted for 44.7% of the total, a figure 0.4 percentage points above that for the first quarter of 2018. Bizkaia, with 46.6%, was the only province to post higher figures than the Basque Country as a whole, whereas Gipuzkoa posted 43.7% and Álava 41.1%. The maternity age of this group was below that of the overall group of women who had children, given that 11.3% of them were under the age of 25.

According to the order of birth, in the first quarter of 2019 half of the births, 1,861 children, were first-born; 1,396 (37.6%) arrived in families that already had another son or daughter, and the percentage of third or subsequent children stood at 12.2%.

27.3% of mothers were foreign nationals

In 27.3% of births in the Basque Country during the first three months of 2019, the mother was a foreign national. This figure was higher in Álava where it stood at 39.4%, against 24.6% in Bizkaia and 25% in Gipuzkoa. It is worth noting that there was a growth in the number of foreign mothers of 3.5 percentage points with respect to the previous year.


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Births were down 4.3% in the first quarter of 2019 in the Basque Country

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