Quality of the thoroughfare

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Quality of the thoroughfare

This refers to the public thoroughfare providing access to the entrance hall through the main entrance for buildings in urban areas and to the general thoroughfare (not necessarily the public one) up to a prudent distance of 100 metres up to the building in the case of sparse and/or rural areas or, when there is separated mono-family housing, the thoroughfare that enables its inhabitants to access neighbouring buildings or the public road(s) or street(s). We have made a distinction between six possibilities based on the quality or type of thoroughfare:

  • Tarmac or cement-covered thoroughfare: roads, tracks, streets or squares paved for circulating vehicle traffic.

  • Pedestrian thoroughfare: road signposted as a pedestrianised area, or one where traffic is restricted, albeit for a specific time of day and/or access to garages or loading and unloading are allowed.

  • Thoroughfare with steps or stairs: when more than one step is provided to negotiate an incline blocking any type of circulating traffic, even though it might have a ramp for vehicles.

  • Thoroughfare on an incline: when there is an approximate incline of 2% or more and, therefore, it is virtually impossible for a person in a wheelchair to negotiate it.

  • No tarmac: Street or track for which the surface is not covered with cement or tarmac. This also includes cases where there is no thoroughfare, i.e. the building does not have any of the types of roads or streets above.

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