Effective final consumption (P.4)

Effective final consumption (P.4)

Effective final consumption includes goods and services acquired by resident institutional units for the direct satisfaction of individual or collective human needs.

For goods and services supplied by public administration units, the limit between individual and collective goods and services is established according to the classification of public administration functions (Cofog).

By agreement, all expenditure on final consumption that the public administration carries out in each of the following epigraphs must be considered expenditure on individual consumption services, except for expenditure on general administration, code, research, etc., for each category:

  • 04 Education and services

  • 05 Health and services

  • 06 Social security and social work and services

  • 08.01 Sports, leisure and services

  • 08.02 Cultural matters and services

    In addition, expenditure by the following sub-epigraphs must also be considered as individual when important:

  • 07.11 Accommodation supply (partly)

  • 07.31 Collection of household waste (partly)

  • 12.12. Use of transport systems (partly)

    Expenditure on public administration collective consumption is the rest of their consumption on final consumption. This consists, in particular, of:

  • General public services

  • Security and defence

  • Law and order enforcement, legislation and legal code

  • Public health

  • Environmental protection

  • Other statistical products



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