Different current transfers (D.75)

Different current transfers (D.75)

Include the following items:

  • Current transfers to ISFLSH

  • Current transfers between households, which consist of all current transfers in cash of or in kind which resident households carry out to or receive from other resident and non-resident households. In particular, it includes remittances of funds that emigrants or workers permanently installed abroad (or that work abroad for a year or longer) make to members of resident families in the country of origin, and those of parents to their offspring resident in other countries.

  • Fines and sanctions

  • Lotteries and gambling
    Compensatory payments. These are current transfers paid by institutional units to others in compensation for injuries or damage caused to persons or property, excluding compensation for non-life insurance.

  • Fourth own resource based on PNB.

  • Other current transfers

  • Other statistical products



    Microdata file


    Codes and nomenclatures


    Auxiliary information


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