Social transfers in kind (D.63)

Social transfers in kind (D.63)

These include all individual goods and services provided to households as transfers in kind by public administration units and the ISFLSH, both when they were acquired on the market and when they are from non-market production by public administration units and the ISFLSH. They may be financed by taxes, social security contributions or other income from the public administration or, in the case of the ISFLSH, by means of donations or property income.

Although some non-market services produced the ISFLSH have some of the characteristics of collective services, conventionally and to simplify, they are considered as individual type services. Services provided to households for free or at economically insignificant prices are described as individual services to differentiate them from collective services offered to all or part of the community. Individual services are, mostly, education and health services, although frequently others such as accommodation, cultural and recreational services are offered.

The heading "social transfers in kind" (D.63) includes social benefits in kind and transfers of non-market individual goods and services.

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