Personell (R&D)

Personell (R&D)

This includes all those persons directly involved with the activities of Scientific Research and Technological Development regardless of their level of responsibility, including both those who administrate and manage R&D activities and those whose activities are directly linked to R&D work, for example, auxiliary laboratory staff or research library personnel, administrative personnel assigned to research units or services, specialised workers or otherwise, etc,

Those people who carry out indirect services, such as security staff, etc. are excluded.

In order to count the personnel employed the following is taken into account:

a)Full-time staff: This category includes all those who employ at least 90% of their working day in R&D activities.

b)Part-time staff: Includes all those who devote approximately between 10% and 90% of their working day to R&D activities, and the rest to other kind of activities. Also included in this section are persons who have carried out R&D activities for a period of less than one year.

c)Personnel Equivalent to Full-time Staff (E.D.P.): This figure is obtained by adding the number of full-time staff to the fractions of time worked dedicated to R&D activities by staff who only work part-time in these activities.

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