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Type of studies in progress

A characteristic which refers to all people who, on the reference date, had been studying regularly over the course of a normal academic year in an official or private education centre, regardless of the type of learning (normal, independent, distance, correspondence, etc.); it also includes those who at that moment were taking non-regulated courses, usually in academies, or vocational training.

It is divided into the following levels:

  • Pre-school and primary:Infant education, Maternal, Nurseries, Kindergartens, Infants and similar. Also includes Primary Education and other equivalent studies.

  • Professional: covers First Grade and Second Grade Vocational Training, middle grade Technical Training, higher grade Technical Training and other professional studies, including Occupational Training.

  • Secondary: includes Obligatory secondary education, Upper Secondary, LIGSEM, B.U.P. and C.O.U., University access and other similar studies.

  • Medium-Higher: includes courses in University Colleges, Technical and Specialist Engineering, Teaching, Nursing and other similar courses.

  • Higher: includes courses in Faculties and Higher Technical Colleges, Degree and Higher Engineering courses, etc., as well as postgraduate qualifications, postgraduates, masters, doctorates and specialised qualifications.

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