Level of education

Level of education

Level of education is understood to be the highest level of completed studies, fulfilling the condition required to obtain the corresponding qualification. People that are undertaking studies or that left their studies unfinished are classified under the level immediately below.

The following categories are described, grouped thus:

  • Unqualified: People that cannot read or write, people that can read and write but have not completed any kind of studies, minors.

  • Primary: Certificate of Schooling, Primary Education or School leaving certificate.

  • Vocational: Vocational training qualifications.

  • Secondary: Lower Secondary Education and equivalent studies, Certificate of Compulsory Secondary Education (ESO), Upper Secondary Education or BUP, LOGSE or LOE Baccalaureate or similar. Official language titles.

  • Medium-Higher s: Diplomas, Technical engineer and Expert qualifications, Teacher Training, Nursing or other studies at the same level.

  • Higher: Undergraduate university courses, four-to-six year Degrees, Engineers holding a five-year degree or similar, third-cycle university courses, postgraduate courses, master, doctorate and specialist studies.

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