Level of education (7 groups)

Level of education (7 groups)

The level of education of one person is the highest grade of studies completed or being undertaken, without taking into account whether they were finished or are provisionally or definitively incomplete.

The following levels are defined:

  • Illiterate individuals: Individuals who cannot read or write.
  • No studies: Individuals who can read and write, but have not completed any type of studies.
  • Primary: Infant Education, Early Learning at Home, Nursery, Playschool, Pre-school or similar, Primary Education, Adult Primary Education, Special Education, official music Courses (elementary cycle), previous primary studies such as Compulsory Primary Education (former EGB), Primary Education or similar studies.
  • Vocational: Vocational Training Courses: Vocational Modules, first and second level Vocational Training, Initial Vocational Qualification Programmes, Basic Vocational Training and other vocational or artistic studies.
  • Secondary: Lower Secondary Education (former Bachillerato Elemental) or equivalent, Compulsory Secondary Education, Secondary Education Studies under the reform (former Reforma de Enseñanzas Medias), Upper Secondary Education (former Bachiller Superior) or High School Certificate (former BUP), LOGSE or LOE Baccalaureate, official music studies (secondary level), art and language studies, University Entrance or similar.
  • Medium-Higher: Technical Engineering Studies, Industry experts, Teacher Training, Nursing, diplomas, first-cycle university courses, specialist three-year degrees or other studies at the same level.
  • Higher: Undergraduate university courses, four-to-six year Degrees (former Licenciatura), Advanced Engineering and similar, as well as third-cycle university courses, postgraduate courses, masters, doctorate and specialist studies.

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