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Personnnel (Education centres)

This statistic includes the group of people who teach in education centres of the Basque Country, be they in general education – Infant, Primary and Secondary Education, Middle School, and Higher Studies -, or specialised education, such as Music, Languages, Applied Arts, and Art Skills. Educators who do not work in centres with non-teaching activities , such as Berritzegunes, IRALE, Inspection etc., are not included.
The following scheme is applied in the layout of data:

General Education

  • Non-University Levels: Teaching staff at the levels of Infant, Primary, Secondary and Adult Education (E.P.A.).

  • Infant-Primary Education: Includes all teaching staff of Infant and Primary Education. This personnel is classified into one or several of the following levels according to the subjects they teach: Infant, Primary Education.

  • Adult Education: This includes E.P.A. teaching staff, both from specific adult education centres or in classrooms used for other levels of teaching.

  • Special Education: This includes teaching staff working in classes exclusively for Special Education, either in specific centres or in classrooms in centres used for other levels of teaching.

  • Secondary Education: This includes teaching staff of Compulsory Secondary Education (E.S.0.) Baccalaureate and Specific Intermediate and Higher Grade Technical Training. These teachers are classified in one or more of the following levels depending upon the subject they teach: E.S.O., Baccalaureate and Specific Intermediate and Higher Grade Technical Training.

  • University Studies: Teaching staff of the Higher Technical Schools, University Faculties and Schools

Specialised courses

  • Music: This includes all the teaching staff of the Conservatories and Music Schools.

  • Dance: Includes teaching staff at Conservatories and Dance Schools who give regulated courses.

  • Languages: The teaching staff of the Official School of Languages

  • Sports Education: Includes the teaching staff at sports education centres.deportiva.

To understand the data we must bear in mind that, within the education levels that include infant, primary, E.S.O, baccalaureate and technical training, each teacher will count for every level that he or she teaches, but will only feature once in the total for these categories. For example, a teacher who gives classes in Infant and Primary Education will be counted as a teacher at both levels, but only once under the heading "Infant-Primary Education". Similarly, a teacher giving classes at Infant-Primary and Secondary school level will be counted under both headings, but only once in the total for non-university teaching staff. This way of counting the staff in the teaching centres has the result that the totals for teaching staff under the sections "Non-university", "Basic Education" and "Middle School" are lower than the sum of their respective sub-categories.

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