Family dwellings

Family dwellings

All rooms or groups of rooms and dependent parts that occupy a building or a part structurally separated from the same and that, as a result of the manner in which they have been built, rebuilt, transformed or adapted, are destined to be inhabited by one or several persons, and that at the time of the recording of the statistic are not being used for other purposes.

The building can be partially destined for other purposes (doctor's surgery, hairdresser's, tailor's, etc.); however, those buildings that were initially built as dwellings, but at the time of the recording of the statistic are being used exclusively for other purposes, are not included in the census (dwellings that have been totally transformed into offices, workshops, storerooms, etc.).

Family dwellings are included in the statistic irrespective of whether they are occupied or not at the time of reference, and are classified as main and others.

- Main:when used throughout or for the majority of the year as the habitual residence of one or more persons.

- Others,wherein the following are included:

  1. - Secondary: when used for only part of the year, periodically or sporadically, without having the consideration of habitual residence of one or various persons. Thus, this includes a country, beach or city house that is used for holidays, summer, weekends, temporary jobs or on other occasions.

  2. - Empty: where, whilst not being in a ruinous state, or in any other of the aforementioned situations, they are commonly found uninhabited.

  3. - Other family dwellings: those that cannot be classified under any of the three previous classes. In this case, we are dealing with those dwellings that, without representing the habitual residence of any person (main) or a second dwelling, are destined for letting for short periods of time to different individuals and are effectively occupied the majority of the time.

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