Income via Sales (SSI)

Income via Sales (SSI)

"Income via Sales" is the total turnover of the company in the Basque Country. It includes the amounts invoiced by the company services rendered and/or sale of goods that form part of the operations of the company, including those carried out via subcontracting.

Costs billed for packaging and transport, the sales of goods bought for resale under the same conditions in which they were received and the sale of sub-products are included. Also included are hours worked and invoiced to third parties for sub-contracting work only.

They are entered in the accounts with the taxes incurred by the goods and services with the exception of VAT charged to the customer.

It does not include the subsidies received from public authorities or the European Union, financial income, or other operational revenue, such as subventions, sales of shares and fixed assets, income from interests, dividends and patents, renting out company property, production units and machinery. Neither does it include income from staff amenities (canteens, etc.) or the supply of goods and services within the unit of observation.

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