Vehicle for the transport of goods by road

Vehicle for the transport of goods by road

A road vehicle with an engine that constitutes its only means of propulsion, intended, exclusively or primarily, for the transport of goods or to tow vehicles used for the transport of goods.

Types of vehicle:

  1. Rigid vehicle or lorry: Vehicle for the transport of goods by road, equipped with its own means of mechanical propulsion.
  2. Trailer: Road vehicle suitable for the transport of goods, designed to be hooked to an automobile road vehicle.
  3. Tractor unit: Vehicle equipped with its own means of mechanical propulsion that is able to tow a semi-trailer.
  4. Semi-trailer: Trailer without a front axle, coupled to the vehicle towing it in such a way that part of the trailer, as well as part of its weight and load, rests on the tractor unit.

The lorries and the tractor units are the vehicles selected for the sample. The trailers and semi-trailers are declared by the respondent when they are towed by the selected vehicle.

A transport operation can be carried out by means of one of the following four options:

  1. Rigid vehicle or lorry
  2. Trailer
  3. Tractor unit without semi-trailer
  4. Tractor unit with semi-trailer

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