Name of the operation.
Marriage Statistics
Operation Code.
010304 (Basque Statistics Institute)
Responsible body.
Other participating bodies.
National Statistics Institute
Type of operation.
Methodology according to the origin of the data
Administrative data


Marriage Statistics, prepared by the EUSTAT, referring to marriages that affect residents within the territorial area of the Basque Country, is the result of the technical cooperation agreement with the National Statistics Institute (INE) signed in December of 1995, which repeals an earlier agreement from March 1986. Whereas censuses or registers provide specific and static information, referring to a concrete date when they are carried out, the Natural Movement of the Population, in which Statistics on Births, Marriage Statistics and Mortality Statistics are grouped together with Migratory Movements, determine the evolution of the population over time by examining them in a dynamic way. Among the many reasons behind the signing of the agreement at that time and that still guarantee its continuity today, we should highlight:

a) The need to meet the demands of Basque Government Departments and the EUSTAT requiring this information more promptly than the National Statistics Institute can provide it.

b) The lack of sufficient published results by the National Statistics Institute (INE). While the information for the whole of the State is quite complete, at an Autonomous Community, Provincial, District and Municipal level it is completely insufficient.

All in all, the objective of the agreement to prepare Marriage Statistics is to obtain better information, faster and more territorially disaggregated in order to satisfy the needs of the EUSTAT for its own goals, those of the Basque Government departments and all the users of this operation.


The population
to which this operation refers is those people who marry.
Geographic scope:
All events that take place in the A.C. of Euskadi, i.e., entered in the Civil Registers of the different municipalities in the Community. The result would not be complete if we did not also include those events registered outside the Community, but that affect residents thereof. These reports are obtained through information obtained from the INE for the rest of the Autonomous Communities. In any case, the data refers to events that affect residents of the A.C. of Euskadi, regardless of where they took place. The maximum disaggregation with which the data is published is municipal.
Time frame:
Information is collected continuously throughout the year, reports being prepared in monthly batches and corresponding to entries made in Civil Registers during the month.

Concepts and Definitions

Concepts and Definitions




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