Industrial price index


Name of the operation
Industrial price index
Operation Code
182313 (Basque Statistics Plan)
Responsible body
Type of operation
Survey by sampling
Methodology according to the origin of the data
Direct collection of primary data by sampling


The aim of the statistical operation is to obtain an Industrial Price Index for the Basque Country. The Industrial Price Index (IPRI) is a current indicator of the development of industrial prices in the first step in the commercialization of products, i.e., prices really received by a producer in a transaction, without including indirect taxes and taxes net of subsidies, if they exist.

The aims sought after in the development of an Industrial Price Index are varied, among which the following stand out:

a. To serve as indicators on the current development of the prices of industrial products, both general and sectorially.

b. To serve as a basis for the study and research on the most convenient pricing policy with relation to the redistribution of sales.

c. Its use as a deflator in economic studies carried out on the industrial sector.

d. To serve as an instrument for price revisions in long term contracting, both in the private and in the public sector.


The Industrial Price Index is a statistical operation directed at solely industrial companies, whose main activity is classified in the activities defined in divisions 05 to 35 of the CNAE-2009.
Geographic scope:
The Industrial Price Index is calculated only for the Autonomous Community.
The Industrial Price Index is calculated monthly.

Concepts and Definitions

Concepts and Definitions



Sampling Design

The selection of the sample of the Industrial Price Index does not respond to a random process, but to a selection of sub-populations in each of the aggregative levels: Companies, products, subgroups and groups (CNAE-2009). The criteria selection for each of the levels mentioned consists of guaranteeing a determined coverage of the immediately superior level of aggregation (over 80%). In the selection a descending process is followed that goes from the highest level of aggregation (division) to the selection of products and companies of the panel.

The sample of the Industrial Price Index Base 2015, is made up of a total of 515 industrial companies that provide prices monthly on 1.548 varieties of products.


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