Industrial production index


Name of the operation.
Industrial production index
Operation Code.
112312 (Basque Statistics Plan)
Responsible Body.
Type of operation.
Sampling survey
Methodology according to the origin of the data.
Direct collection of primary data by means of sampling


The objective of this statistical operation is to obtain an Industrial Production Index (IPI) for the A.C. of Euskadi. The Industrial Production Index is a current indicator that attempts to measure the development in the volume of Industrial Gross Value Added at factor cost.

The Industrial Production Index is an analytical tool which is widely used for the observation and analysis of the current economic situation. Statistics on quantities are used for a wide range of goals related both to the current running of the economic system and the formulation of long term economic policies. Consequently, the objectives of this kind of statistics are very varied, one which we should highlight as being fundamental is the obtainment of an indicator on the current development of quantities produced, both generally and sectorially, that may be used by the institutional sectors to analyse the performance of the economic system. Knowledge on how the production level of an economy is varying is essential for the analysis of growth and fluctuations.

The Industrial Production Index is corrected both for calendar and seasonal effects. The Industrial Production Index corrected for calendar effects offers inter-annually comparable values, while for inter-monthly comparisions the deseasonalised Industrial Production Index is used.


The Industrial Production Index is a statistical operation directed at solely industrial companies, whose main activity is classified in the activities defined in divisions 5 to 35 of the C.N.A.E. 2009.
Geographic scope:
The Industrial Production Index is calculated both for the Autonomous Community and the Provinces thereof.
The Industrial Production Index is calculated monthly

Concepts and Definitions

Concepts and Definitions



Sample design

The selection of the Industrial Production Index sample does not answer to a random process, but to a selection of subpopulations for each of the aggregative levels: Companies, products, subgroups and groups (CNAE 2009). The selection criteria at each of the levels mentioned consists of guaranteeing a determined coverage of the immediately superior aggregation level (over 80%).

The sample of the Base Production Index 2015, is made up of a total of 680 industrial companies which inform monthly on the production level reached in this period.


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