Population and housing statistics


Name of the operation.
Population and housing statistics
Operation Code.
010123 (Basque Statistics Plan)
Responsible body.
Other participating bodies.
The respective Administrations providing administrative files:

- Departments of the Basque Government:

- Department of Education, Universities and Research.

- Department of Treasury and Public Administration: Basque Institute of Public Administration (IVAP).

- Department of Culture: Autonomous Body for the Promotion of the Basque Language and Adult Literacy (HABE).

- Department of Industry, Trade and Tourism.

- Department of Housing and Social Affairs.

- Department of Justice, Employment and Social Security.

- General Treasury of Social Security (TGSS).

- Ministry of Public Administrations: General Mutual Insurance Society of State Civil Servants (MUFACE).

- State Public Employment Service (SPEE/INEM).

- National Statistics Institute (INE).

- Provincial Councils: Director of Property Register and Departments of Treasury and Finances.

Type of operation.
Methodology according to the origin of the data
Based on Eustat Population Register and combining different administrative sources.


The general objectives of the Population and Housing Statistics 2016 are as follows:

1) Count of the population and families.

2) Count of the dwellings and especially occupied dwellings.

3) Knowledge of the population structure and make up of families.

4) Knowledge of the structure and facilities of the dwellings.

5) To obtain a description of the structure of the Basque Country from different points of view in order to plan and assess demographic, health, education and environmental policies, etc.

6) To produce structural and sector indicators broken down to lower than provincial level.

7) To deal with the statistical needs of different bodies, both public and private.

8) To use said statistics in order to develop and implement a methodology for treatment of administrative sources that enables the production of census statistics, giving coverage to the production of different indicators.

9) The use of the statistics to analyse or contrast the quality of the structural and sector indicators attained via sampling sourced.



- The Statistics cover all the people whose registered residence is established in the Basque Country.

- In addition, it includes all the dwellings and buildings located in the Basque Country, except uninhabited dilapidated buildings, those used for agricultural purposes or those that are in an incipient state of construction.

Geographic area:
The statistical units located within the three Provinces of the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country.
Time scale:
The reference date for the operation is 1 November 2016.


  • Press releases
  • Data-Bank
  • Electronic Publication
  • Internet: www.eustat.eus

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