Foreign trade statistics ECOMEX


Name of the operation.
Foreign trade statistics (ECOMEX)
Operation Code.
143101 (Basque Statistics Plan)
Responsible body.
Monthly and Annual
Type of operation.
Data compilation
Methodology according to the origin of the data
Administrative (D.U.A.) and statistical data (INTRASTAT. Sub-Directorate General for Planning, Statistics and Coordination. Department of customs duties and special taxes. State Agency for Tax Administration.


Based on data from the Sole Administrative Document (D.U.A.) and statistics collected by means of the stasticial data collection system for the exchange of goods between member states of the European Union (INTRASTAT), the aim is to know the trade flow of goods between the Basque Country and other countries.


Companies that carry out foreign trade operations originating in or destined for the Basque Country.
The foreign trade statistics are calculated for the Basque Country as well as by province.
Time frame:
Monthly and Annual.

Concepts and Definitions

Concepts and Definitions


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