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Statistics on the transportation of goods by road


Name of the operation.
Statistics on the transportation of goods by road
Operation Code.
132714 (Basque Statistics Plan)
Responsible body.
Department of the Environment and Regional Policy. Basque Governmen
Other participating bodies.
Eustat and Ministry of Works and Public Transport
Thematic area
Services sector
Type of operation.
Methodology according to the origin of the data.
Obtaining data derived from other statistical results


The statistical operation for the Transport of Goods by Road gathers information regarding the transport operations of heavy goods vehicles to measure the degree of activity in the sector.

It aims to investigate transport operations carried out by goods transportation vehicles by road.

The objective of the Statistics on the Transport of Goods by Road is to quantify the transport operations of heavy goods vehicles to measure the degree of activity in the sector within the Basque Country. Essentially, the objective is to offer current and up-to-date information on the transport operations or movements of goods from one place of origin, where they are loaded, to a destination, where they are unloaded, with a maximum level of systematisation in order to fulfil the following objectives:

  • To serve as a basis for developing Public Administration plans relating to the sector.
  • To satisfy needs for information, both from the point of view of Public Administrations, and from that of the transporters themselves and their users.
  • To be of use to any professional person, body or institution and in the hope of providing support for later experiences related to the transport of goods by road.

Main variables to be studied

Tonnes and Kilometre-Tonnes by Journey Type:

  • Internal: intramunicipal, intermunicipal intrarregional, interregional
  • International: imports, exports, traffic between third parties

Tonnes and Kilometre-Tonnes by Type of Service:

  • Public
  • Private

Tonnes and Kilometre-Tonnes by Type of Goods:

  • Agricultural products and livestock,
  • Food products and fodder,
  • Petroleum products,
  • Crude and manufactured ores and construction materials,
  • Machinery, vehicles, manufactured items and special transactions,
  • Other goods



The population at the centre of this study is made up of all tractor units, rigid vehicles or lorries registered in Spain with a payload capacity greater than 3.5 tonnes and with a maximum authorised weight greater than 6 tonnes.

Vehicles used for something other than the transport of goods, such as excavators, tow-trucks, basket or construction cranes, mobile crushers, road rollers, fire engines, snowploughs, farm tractors, military and civil administration vehicles, etc. are excluded.


With respect to the territorial scope, all operations carried out by vehicles within the Basque Country are investigated.

Time frame:

This is an ongoing survey, which will collect information throughout the 52 or 53 weeks of every year. The data from the Statistics on the transport of goods by road refer to each calendar quarter.

Concepts and Definitions

Concepts and Definitions


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